Regina and Michael met in 1987 while studying chemistry at University. Regina had started Round Dancing in 1987 and is a founding member of HIGH NOON RD Club in Cologne. Michael started dancing in 1989 and joined HIGH NOON in 1990.

Starting in 1990 Michael served as the assistant teacher for the Colonia Swingers RD Group. In 1994 he and Regina took over the intermediate RD Group and in the summer Michael passed his cuer examination and joined the European Caller and Teacher Association (ECTA). At the same time Regina and Michael began teaching for the HIGH NOON RD Club.

They are members of ICBDA since 1998 and made their début as clinicians the same year at the 22nd Convention in San Jose. With their fifth appearance in 2014 they brought "Boogie Bumper". Their choreography counts more than 80 dances covering 16 different rhythms including Discofox the "German Hustle" which they introduced in 2006 to the Round Dance community. They are also members of ROUNDALAB and recently joined the Phase V S&P Committee.

Since 1996 they are featured clinicians for the weekend RD Clinics in Eringerfeld, Germany, and took over the organization of the weekends in 2003.  In 2009 they moved the weekends to Sorpesee and celebrated the 30th Anniversary in 2019. In the past 25 years they taught all over Germany and in some of the bordering European countries. They were featured teachers for the 50th Anniversary Gala of Colorado RD Association (2010) and the 51st San Diego RD Instructor Festival (2017). They also taught at the 7th Shibata's New Round Up in Japan (2016) and were featured teachers for the RD Festival in Japan March 2019.

As members of TSG Leverkusen they take part in ballroom education with the professional dance teacher Oliver Kästle and have started competing successfully in both sections of Ballroom Dancing in 2014. They won 11 titles out of 48 competitions and only missed the finals 3 times. In 2015 they won the regional championship in Latin.

Michael and Regina were married in 1995 and have a son. The strong commitment to each other expressed in their marriage and parenthood is also reflected in their philosophy of dancing.

In dancing, learning and teaching,

it takes two to tango.

Retirement - Ruecktritt