ANSWER ME                                   W1 / 02

Record:                   Hoctor 676

Choreographer:      E. & A. Palmquist

Rhythm/Phase:       W, III

Speed:                    44                                                                                                                                                         R


Sequence:   INTRO   AA   BB   AA   BB   (A B)   END                                                          M


INTRO            (OP FCG / DW)   Wait 2;;   Apart & Point;   PU & Touch;


PART A         2 Left Turns;;   Whisk;   Chasse to BJO;

                        Fwd Lock Steps;   Manuver;   Spin Turn;   Half Box Back;


PART B         Telemark to SCP;   Hover Fallaway;   Slip Pivot to BJO;   Manuver;

                        Impetus to Half Open;   Man Roll Across;   Lady Roll Across;   PU in 3;


END               Drift Apart;