AS Time goes by                         SF2 / 02

Record:                   CD Klaus Hallen, HR 93 04 03

Choreographer:      Bradl

Rhythm/Phase:       SF, IV

Speed:                    45                                                                                                                                                        


Sequence:   INTRO   A B   A B*    END                                                                                   M



INTRO            (LOP Fac, DLW)   Wait 2;;   Tog, Tch;   Feather Finish;


PART A         Rev Turn;;   Three Step;   Half Nat Turn;

                        Impetus to SCP;   Promenade Weave;;   Change Of Dir;  

                        Rev Wave;;   Back Feather,   Back Three Step;

                        Impetus to SCP;   Promenade Weave;;   Change Of Dir;  


PART B         Telemark to SCP;   Open Natural;   Impetus to SCP;   In & Out Runs;;

                        Chair, Rec, Slip;   Open Rev Turn;   Feather Finish;

                        Three Step;   Half Nat Turn;   Spin Turn;   Feather Finish;

                        Open Rev Turn;   Feather Finish;   Whisk;*   Feather to BJO;


END               Thru to Promenade Sway;   Change of Sway;