rhythm of the night                  C1 / 12

Record:                   Coll 683

Choreographer:      M. Seurer

Rhythm/Phase:       Cha Cha, IV + I  (Double Cuban Breaks)

Speed:                    45                                                                                                                                                         R


Sequence:   INTRO   A B C     A B D     B C A    END                                                           M


INTRO            (BFLY/Wall)   Wait 2;;   Cucaracha Twice;;



PART A         New Yorker;   Walk 2 & Fwd Cha;   Slide the Door both Ways;;

                        Slide the Door both Ways;;   Circle Cha;;


Part B         Half Basic;   Whip;   New Yorker Twice;;

                        Half Basic;   Whip;   Shoulder to Shoulder Twice;;

                        Chase Peek-A-Boo;;;;

                        Twirl Vine Cha & Rev;;   Alemana;;


PART C         Lariat;;   Double Cuban Breaks;;


PART D         Time Steps 4 Times;;;;

                        Spot Turn Twice;;   Hand to Hand Twice;;


END               Traveling Doors;;      Twirl Vine Cha & Rev;;

                        Chase Peek-A-Boo;;;;

                        Half Basic;   Whip;   Half Basic;   Whip;

                        Step Apart & Point;